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21. Student. Dreamer. Doer. On a mission to change the world with code.

To find out more about me, check my dedicated page, or check out my past and current projects below. And stay tuned for more!


notepad.exe.html [WIP] :: A quick little markup of the classic MS Windows program made in HTML, JS, and Custom Elements
Pixelator :: A small tool to do some image transformations.
PCMR Avatar Generator :: Make your own Glorious avatar and join the "PC Master Race"
Trump Presidency Countdown :: Just in case you were wondering...
Pi Chart :: View the digits of Pi and their frequency.
UWP Icons :: [Requires Win 10] Use the Universal Windows Platform Icons on the web
Modular Multiplication Around a Circle :: I saw it on a Vscause video
Hilbert Pseudo-Curve Explorer :: Explore different orders of Hilbert space-filling pseudo curves
Emoji Viewer :: View all the emojis to test how they appear on your native system as well as other open emoji fonts


Compiled Unicode Charts
Calculate the length of a string

Recent GitHub Projects

js-polyfills :: Some ECMAScript functions you've always wanted but never had...
WebUtils :: A collection of JavaScript libraries that help making websites and games easier.
mantle.js :: A modular programming language lexer and parser, written in JavaScript
corgi-lang :: An HTML Preprocessor built for style and structure
fluent_design.js :: v1 Custom Elements based on Microsoft's Fluent Design :: A collection of useful Web Apps for basic computer functions
modules.js :: ES2015+ modules for the modern web


MIPS Assembly Encoding

Web Apps

Cat Hop :: Cat Hop
:: News
:: Camera
:: Calculator
:: Compass
:: Music

And more on!